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Solar PV System Store Shop.


Solar PV systems provide a range of PV panels, thermal water heating spares. Solar panel roof fixings and a range of battery storage packs suited to on grid and off grid connections.

We offer SHARP solar panels for a high yield and quick returns on any investment. These sizes are; 255w, 265w, 270w, 280w and 300w modules in mono and poly cells. The 300w is an all black finish to secretly blend into black tiled roofs. A complete range of battery storage solutions for grid connected systems, for new or after market solar PV system in AGM, lead acid or lithium ion style battery types. Solar fixing parts and kits, which can be roof or ground mounted. These are suitable for panels from 10w through to 300w. Solar fixing products to match any installation criteria.

We are able to provide service parts for your Solar PV systems. For solar heating circuits and spares for overhauling or servicing.

Should you require further assistance then please contact us by email.
Solar Energy

The key to obtaining the best out of any renewable energy product is to understand that quality is paramount. Our customers through this site can purchase the latest range of solar pv panel products.

Providing only the best grade 'A' equipment which is renowned for its reliability, we offer solar panels and inverters that match specific customer needs, with the associated products conforming to the latest standards allowing end users a guaranteed return on investments. Making sure all installations are completed using the correct products and equipment.

The Solar PV Systems web site offers renewable products for the solar home, cabin, workshop, caravan or DIY projects that require high quality lithium ion solar battery storage equipment and much more. Your solar powered home uses the electricity generated during the day to power the household equipment needed. By installing a battery storage system you can decrease the amount of electricity purchased by over 30%. Lighting systems for outside illuminations are available upon request. Our portfolio of solar PV equipment creates safe system connections.

Our renown K2 module on roof or ground fixings offer secure mounting for your future power sources. Any of these kitís can be designed to match our customers own unique specification.

This web site is aimed at electrical and mechanical engineers, giving home owners and DIY enthusiasts the opportunity to invest in this rapidly expanding energy generation market, where you can convert the generated sun light into future power requirements and needs. Sourcing the best quality equipment, that will last a life time and thus make significant returns on any investments made.

In essence we can provide your entire solar equipment requirements to UK mainland destinations. The payment of any of our items can be made using credit cards or PayPal. Large transactions should pay via bacs (Bank transfer) contact us and we will send out a pro-forma invoice.