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Solar heating spare parts

Solar heating system

When it come to a solar heating system, you need to understand that keeping up with maintenance will keep your solar hot water equipment in tip top condition.

How do solar heating systems work

The solar heating system works by using the suns energy to heat up a pre mixed glycol fluid. This is available in 10ltr containers. The benefits of using a pre mixed glycol heating fluid, is the risk of getting the balance wrong when mixing the fluid. If you want to measure the strength of solar heating fluids, then you will require a refractometer to do so.

The solar fluid is usually encased within an air tight pressurized sealed system. This could be copper or pre formed corrugated stainless steel. The latter being probably the best option, as this will allow the pipework to move naturally with the expansion and contraction of heat.

This is connected to a twin coiled hot water cylinder one end and solar collectors on the other end. The collectors heat up the fluid performing this thermally during daylight. By use of a solar thermal pump station it is possible to heat the household domestic water cylinder to an ambient temperature for domestic hot water needs as and when required.

The fluid within the sealed pipework is managed by the pump station and controller. This unit is powered by 230v and provides the impulse to pump fluids around the circuit. This affect happens when sensors on the collector and cylinder, speak to the solar pump controller. They may say that the temperature is higher than the cylinder sensor. This then allows the pump to operate, thus circulating the sealed solar fluid around the heating circuit using solar heating flexible pipe to copper tube connectors

Once the temperature has been verified by the cylinder sensor, the circulation pump then stops should the temperature on both sensors display the same.

Do solar heating systems work

Although solar hot water systems work fine for 80% of the time, there are four seasons with UK weather. Therefore anyone installing a solar hot water heating system must expect a reduction in winter. where other hot water heating methods may be needed. Such as a redirection from solar PV panels to convert excess power generated in energy to heat domestic hot water. Other methods are to utilize 230v immersion heater element. Some use the ambient heating from domestic central heating systems. 

But the essence of using solar panels to heat water is, that once installed they should provide 25 years of hot water heating. With the proviso of regular maintenance being necessary to make sure the system is working correctly and effectively.

What is a solar heating system

Solar water heating is made up using either evacuated tube or flat plate collectors. The flat plated is predominantly the most well know collector within the UK as it sits nicely onto many types of pitched roof covering, whereas the evacuated tube collector is used for locations where the glass tube are not positioned in a venerable position.

Solar hot water maintenance

When it come to solar hot water maintenance observation must be kept on the pressure system gauge, which should not drop in pressure, as the solar heating system will not operate effectively. 

In very hot conditions this temperature of the solar fluid will increase by up to 50%. Then when the fluids return back to ambient temperature, is where the pressure should not be below 2bar. If you find that your solar hot water thermal heating system is work much below this level, then the system should be checked for leaks. 

Solar heating system leak

If your solar heating system pressure has a leak, then you need to observe where the fluid has gone. This could be a solar heating joint, either on the roof or maybe at the pump station. Wherever the leak occurs, you will need to drain down safely the old fluid, then replace the damaged or broken parts. Once the system has been overhauled, then it must then be pumped back to manufacturers pre determined levels.

Solar hot water system spare parts

Solar thermal hot water heating parts

Whatever spare part you need for maintenance, Solar PV Systems have the solar hot water system spare parts in stock ready to assist you in getting your solar heating system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Solar tube connectors DN12

Solar tube connectors DN16

Solar tube brackets

Solar fluid

Solar flexible tube connection set

Solar C clips

Solar fiber washers

Solar pump station connectors

Solar tube lead slate

Pressure relief valve

DZR compression tube straight connector

DZR compression elbow connector

Compression tube insert DN12 or DN16

DZR compression tube to fiber washer flat face connector

DN16 x 22mm male adaptor

Temperature sensor cable outside

Temperature sensor cable inside

Immersion heater switch

If you have any further questions, please send an email to our sales office. We will then provide assistance if you are finding it difficult to identify the broken solar thermal heating product.

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