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Charge Regulators

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Charge Regulators

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Charge regulators in PWM and MPPT

These charge controllers provide 12, 24 or 48 volts options to make sure your battery systems are always protected. The reverse polarity device installed in our premium charge regulation controllers.

A range of

PWM and MPPT charge regulators

with easy to follow LED display that will control every stage of battery charging and discharging. Running times day or evening, with PWM charge controllers in the following sizes of 10a, 15A, 20A, 30A and 60A providing safe low voltage battery charging to improve battery condition

Charge Regulators provide a safe solar battery control with LED display, are set to correspond with the time you require the control system to operate. This can be set to operate without manually switching, the LED display then offers easy to read visual display of the state of charge the solar panel sends to battery bank. It allows access to voltage of battery and current being sent. Finally it offer the amount of Ah in battery to identify state of solar battery charge.

Our MPPT charge regulators provide safe solar battery control available in sizes with LED display from 10A to 30A. The algorithms of the MPPT provide connection of larger solar arrays at lower solar panel temperatures.

Designed for ultra safe solar battery control, complete with an easy to operate push button system. Allow engineers to read LED display identifying any irradiance affects that may alter the state of solar battery charge. Make sure you always check the voltages and current capacity of solar panels before any purchase. If in any doubt contact us and we can talk you through the correct product to match.