Solar Panel Costs

Let us provide our range of PV grid connection solar panel costs in kits. These kits are suited to on-grid or off-grid connection with or without this MCS approved Government feed in tariff.

When you purchase one of our solar grid connection packages, you will find that they are complete with all of the materials required to create a perfect PV Installation. This includes tier one approved modules, which are coupled to our G83 grid tie Inverters. The PV mounting kits can be fitted very quickly using the latest on ground mounting technology system. PV Cables and MC4 cable couplings make connection easy and above all safe to handle. These are easily linked back to our PV isolation switches. These then are safe to connect with our range of PV Warning labels make the commissioning process that little bit easier.

PV installation kits, solar panels battery storage and inverter. If you require a larger kit product, we can match these ranges to give you a bespoke product. Solar PV Systems can make sure that when you take our kit to installation the products are ready for you to start your project.