Solar Isolation Switch

Solar PV Systems provide PV Isolation switches to suit any requirement

using the 12A DC system Isolation switch. Is switch that will protect the user when isolating your PV system. DC Isolation switches can be used in PV circuits. Developed to prevent transmition of the arc of a dc power curve. Type DC Isolating switches are necessary to turn power off under load. Without these types of switches, there is a real time risk of electrical shock. We provide these to be installed by all Suitably qualified MCS electrical contractors working on PV installations.

We provide a complete range of DC isolation switch's suitable for any PV installation, these include the 12A DC Isolation switch, the 16A DC isolation switch's, are used to provide most of the household photovoltaic installations. We also provide 20A DC Isolation switch's, 32A DC isolation switch's, and 64A DC Isolation switch's. These provide a safe method of isolation from DC voltages from PV System arrays. Purchase pv switches at discounted prices.

AC Isolation switches are available to meet with the Actuating currents (AC) between inverters and CCU

Make sure you are always fully protected against electrical shock, by using the correct high quality solar isolation equipment, preventing shock or injury to photovoltaic installations.

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