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Battery Charge Controllers

Battery charge Control

It is important to understand the virtues of charge control and you solar panel battery system. These are available in PWM or MPPT style charge controllers that are designed solely to protect any rechargeable battery system from over loading from a solar panel. This makes sure that it pushes the current into any battery at the same voltage as the battery system runs.

Regulating the current from solar panels they protect and preserve the life of batteries. Voltages are the method of directing the currents from solar panels and should never be exceeded. We can advise the best option design around individual circumstances. Our PWM and MPPT controllers safely direct 12, 24 and 48 volt circuits from the many different voltage variations coming from solar panels safely into rechargeable battery systems avoiding saturation or depletion of cells.

These types of charge control provide battery charge regulation with safe temperature control

The PWM charge controller is a pulse width modulation circuit that will provide a safe high charge capacity while depending on state of charge reducing the charge to battery and eventually switching off to reduce gasses and overheating of battery bank. It will over time minimise any stress to the battery systems and has the ability to de sulphate the cells of the battery.

This is a link to other equipment parts that may be needed when selecting a 12/24v charge controller:







MPPW charge controller although they work using a different circuit of diodes, will still protect a battery system. The charge is performed as maximum power point tracking, providing more power initially from multiple high voltage solar PV panels when the irradiance is low. These charge controllers provide 12, 24 or 48 volts options to make sure your battery systems are always protected by the reverse polarity device installed in our premium devices.


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