Dragon Solar Street Light

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The dragon solar street light that is powered by the suns energy only. A lighting system has a solid state battery system that is powered through a unique vandal resistant solar PV systems arrangement. The LED powered light is offered in 10w, 12w, 15w, and 20w versions. These have been tested in the most remote locations and can provide dusk until dawn or PIR sensor activated illumination selection if required. We offer these in easy to assemble kits dispatched to any UK mainland addresses. any request should make contact with us via the email link below to discuss individual needs. These remote lighting systems are designed to be fitted to the top of 89-114mm diameter suitable lamp post columns. The framework should take no longer than an hour to assemble, and once put together will last for 12+ years without alteration or maintenance.

We offer these as a

Bespoke solar lighting package

matched to meet with your direct lighting requirements. As each of these vandal resistant lighting systems are handmade, we prefer to offer these as required as the installation is designed around this use. These can be utilized for any car park or remote locations, where the issues of digging to lay cables may be uneconomical or difficult to undertake.

This therefore is where we can help by offering a product matched to within those constraints.

Contact us in the first instance to provide us with your needs. Once we fully understand your request, it should be relatively straight forward for us to prepare a formal proposal to match the concept.

The Dragon solar street light battery powered street, walkway, or carpark illumination system will operate from dusk. It is designed around situations in remote locations where mains power is not connected.

The many areas of parkland require some form of illumination after dark. We can offer our 10-20w lighting solution that provide the most efficient way of solving this problem. We can design this product to match individual requirements or select one of our rural lighting solutions via the menu to combat this issue which is available in timed or sensor operated versions.

Dragon Solar Street Light | Vandal resistant to IK10 battery powered solar illumination

Solar PV Systems offers a range street lighting kits that are pivotal to match rural surroundings, these areas may be back roads that are off of the highways or local communities that require an area to be illuminated. Ideal for rural surroundings, our kits within these areas can bring light back again. Use our solar PV street lighting kits to illuminate your needs. We also offer lamp post sizes from 4m up to 7m.


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