Ground mounting kit

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Ground mounted PV system4 panel kit (non-foundation type)£650.00£585.00
Ground mounted PV system6 panel kit (non-foundation type)£960.00£864.00
Ground mounted PV system8 panel kit (non-foundation type)£1,280.00£1,152.00
Ground mounted PV system~10 panel kit (non-foundation type)£1,660.00£1,494.00
Ground mounted PV system~12 panel kit (non-foundation type)£1,950.00£1,755.00
Total : £0.00

An easy to assemble ground mounted solar kit for up to 12 solar panels, using approved equipment.

4 – 12 panel ground mounting kits

designed for sensitive grassed area solar fixing 400w nominal sized panels. Easy to assemble and long-lasting durable galvanized steel structures will withstand wind loadings subjected in the UK.

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