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All of our solar grid connected kits are assembled to order

MCS installer 8 panel 3.2kw kit price

3200wp Solar PV grid connection package includes top quality approved 400w solar panels. Growatt grid tie inverter, which is G98 approved, PV fuse system, MC4 solar cable couplings, a roof fixing kit, Ac & Dc isolation switches, Double insulated solar cable, Solar warning labels, and an approved total generation meter. Every thing required to complete a solar panel installation, including a wiring schematic of panel electrical layout.

Solar PV Systems kit product

PV Solar Panels 8 x 400w Solar panels
PV Mounting kit Solar Roof 2 row kit to suit any roof type
PV Solar Inverter Growatt 2500 TL-x single phase PV Inverter grid connected 230v 50hz
Switch 2 x AC Solar panel Isolation switch | 1 x DC solar isolation switch | PV string fuse system x 1
PV Cable PV Solar cable double insulated @ 50m
PV Clips PV Solar MC4 photovoltaic couplings x 8
DC Power Inverter DC power range 3500w
AC Power Inverter nominal power 2500w
PV Package Complete 3200wp Solar Package with total generation meter ofgem approved, and one set of PV warning labels
Yield Based on manufacturers technical specifications the maximum Solar yield for this kit given a true south orientation would possibly be 2900kwh p/a

This Photovoltaic kit will enable you to use the free energy from the Sun direct to your household electrical system.

Each one of these 8 panel solar fixing kits will includes either

Slate roof fixings

Pantile roof fixings

Shingle roof fixings

Calzip roof fixings

Please advice which one of the solar roof fixing is your preference.

Example using 400wp solar modules.

All of our solar grid connected kits are assembled to order