SB Smart Energy Inverter

SB Smart Energy Inverter

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SB Smart Energy Inverters

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Simple to install, the SB smart energy inverters combine grid connection with battery storage. This can be for self consumption or battery back needs. The solar panel inverter has a 2kwh lithium ion battery capacity for excess power to be stored.

This is designed as an easy method of installing a battery backup system, as little technical battery knowledge is necessary to calculate the capacities required as this work has already been done by SMA.

The power is directed to the lithium battery during low self consumption during daylight hours, for uses when required in the evening. This is an all in one entry level system, if larger capacities are required then we would point you towards the Sunny Island range of backup power inverters. These can then be linked to the separate lithium Ion home storage batteries.

Available in two sizes:

SB3600SE-10 | SB5000SE-10 - Smart energy data sheet 

Maybe you want a complete ready to install smart energy battery backup system, with solar panels and fixing kit to suit your property then go to this link: Complete ready to assemble solar kits

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