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Small solar panels

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Sharp Off Grid Panels

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Sharp small solar 12v panels have been manufactured in the UK offering two sizes in this off grid range of solar panels that produce 65w, and 70w outputs.

They are in polycrystalline and mono crystalline finishes to match customers’ needs.

The voltage of 18 V provides 3.6A of constant power to utilise MPPT or PWM controllers linked to 12 or 24 volt battery systems. This enables free charging every day without the need to oversee, carrying out charging without any aditional skils and maintenance requirements.

These solar panels have overall product dimensions are 790 x 690 x 45mm, with a weight of 6.5 Kg. They are a perfect size photovoltaic panel that has been specially developed for the UK. The solar PV systems off grid stand-alone battery charging, allows these Sharp solar panels with low voltage, for connections to 12v battery energy sources when used with solar regulation products. These small solar panels are ideal for low voltage applications such as 12v battery charging. 12v Solar battery panels for off-grid solar stand-alone PV installations.