Single panel mounting

Single panel mounting

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Single solar panel mounting

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We provide a range of simple to attach solar panel fixings for ground or flat surfaces, on roof or post mounted. These include single or multiple solar panel mountings to match requirements.

These are simple to use elegant looking single solar mounting kit for 1050mm x 750mm panels. This can be mounted on the ground with pegs or fixed to a ridged structure or wall. This will allow a single PV systems panel mounting of 65-70w the correct angle pointing towards the sun to receive the maximum solar gain.

Double flat surface mounting frames for larger solar designs are fabricated to match the need, for securing many single panels to stop unwanted movement during solar harvesting. Again this can be post or flat surface mounted to meet the request.

Full size 250w solar panels used in off grid applications can be mounted in orientations from 10 to 45. This enable the panels to be tilted towards the suns most convenient location.

This is probably the easiest method of securing solar panels to a solid base. They can be fixed to solid objects of weighted down using a variety of equipment and materials. We suggest that you assemble the framework prior to attaching the solar panel. This enables you to turn the solar panels upside down and attach the angled brackets securely under safe conditions. This is a guide to avoid any complicated unnecessary problems.

Ask us for details of any off grid fixing you may wish to explore.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to see easy assemble flat surface angled support system. Designed for for holding 250w solar panels securely. Available in portrait and landscape orientations, Multi angled base unit manufactured for larger sized off grid single or dual panel installations.