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Solar Tracking systems

We offer a range of solar panel sun tracking systems and kits. Designed to increase the solar gain of individual panels where needed. These single or dual axis units will follow the suns path across the sky each day. Sun tracking system allows maximum energy to always be generated, as the solar PV panels will always be pointing directly at the sun. This will remove any shading issues that can occur when the sunís rays pass from east to west.

By using the dual or single axis ground or wall mountable units, the solar panels will always be pointing directly at the suns azimuth angle. Then once the sun sets, the solar panel tracking systems will return to its start position ready for tracking at sun rise the following day.

Single and dual axis PV sun tracking kits, can increase solar gain by up to 60% production to enable greater efficiency.

solar panel sizes from 50w to 150w can be easily connected.Off-Grid panels
solar panels can be connected safely to batteries using the Victron energy charge controller.Off-Grid battery controller
solar panel cables and cables, couplings and switches

Depending on size of solar panels the battery should be sized to match.Off-Grid batteries

When DC energy needs to be converted into 230VAC use the warranted Victron energy phoenix inverter.Off-Grid Power