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Wholesale Solar Panels

When investing in any long-term piece of high value equipment, it is important to understand the necessity of always ensuring that you should invest in the very best equipment, this will always provide the very best results. We offer a free advice service to try and help our customers.

Solar PV panels are a prime example of the facts. If you purchase a low cost equivalent product, these will not provide a life expectancy of performance which you would expect from genuine products. "Tests have shown that lower grade products can often provide a maximum power for a very limited time".

Mathematical understanding of power over time can be proved when using quality PV products. To see our complete range of quality energy generation products follow the links on this page.

All PV panels are sent out using our courier service on pallets. The pallet charge up to a maximum of 22 panels will remain constant. Large orders placed that require two or more pallets will be charged at the pro rata cost per pallet.