Solar panel fixing kits

Solar PV Systems provide solar fixing kits

Complete range are used predominantly to hold the many variants of panels in place securely on top of customerís roofs.

These complete mounting kits will suit any size solar array. Suitable for pitched roof mounting, and designed to match the many PV module variants.

These can be used on slate roofs as retro fitting PV module systems, as well as pan tiles and plain tiled projects. Fixings are made out of top quality stainless steel, to avoid any corrosion over the life of any installed PV system. The manufactured materials provide far in excess of the 25 years feed in tariff.

It is now possible using the PV panel fixings to ground mount PV equipment on our poly tubs, which if required can be moved. We have PV fixings for sheds, for mobile homes, these can be used to fix modules to chalets, and fixings even for narrow boats.

All equipment is in stock, we provide available equipment once the order has been paid for in full. If required we can match the special purpose systems, this way can prepare any PV fixing requirement. All of our specific solar photovoltaic fixing kits are suitable for solar installations, our solar fixings are recyclable products, which provide the green energy motto of being able to be re-manufactured into another product at the end of its usable life as a bracket or assembly.