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Our aim is to dispatch stock items within a timeframe of 3-5 working days. Delivery time can vary based on product availability as well as the shipping service we need to use for the size and weight of the items. We have tried to place additional notes detailing delivery time for such products where possible. For more information on shipping times for specific orders and products, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us via the form on this page.” 

We offer our customers the right to return equipment up to 7 days after dispatch date. If products have been ordered specially, then this will not apply.

If your shipping address is different from your invoice address. Then please log into your account, with the contact names and delivery mobile telephone number plus delivery address. This can then be modified.

All customer orders are logged from initial payment (processing) through to dispatch.

Depending on which type of support you require. please advise via contact us page.

The order entry details are part of the contract we adhere to. If the customer has entered information incorrectly, then this is solely the responsibility of the customer.

Solar PV Systems ship to UK mainland destinations only.

This depends on two things.

If you already have a solar PV system, then you could either take one of our AC charger/inverters or install a hybrid system instead of the existing solar PV inverter you have currently installed.

Customers commonly ask about existing feed in tariff rebate.

When using battery storage via solar generation, the fact that you are storing energy will not make a difference to the tariff.

The AC charger/inverter normally sits along side the existing grid tie string inverter connection.

This then invites the generated energy a route to be stored into a matched battery

The battery needs to be in sync with the inverter to operate effectively.

By using this system you could run the risk of having to purchase a new string inverter over the lifetime of AC charger/inverter (10 years)

We offer a kit to adopt existing solar panelled systems – Home Solar Storage Kits 

When using our hybrid system, this offers the customer the ability to use product with a new or existing solar PV installation

By using the hybrid system, you start off with a new 10 year warranty.

Home solar kits (Battery Backup)

The system is self governing in so far as the excess energy generated automatically is sent to battery backup.

This is sometime called an off-grid facility, because it opperates indipendantly of power outages.

The power generated is never waisted, if the generated power is not being used traditionally, this automatically goes back to the national grid.

When you install a battery backup storage facility, the management system can be set to not send anything back to national grid.

Everything goes into home storage battery pack, until needed.

The important thing to remember is that should the battery capacity become full, then the system must be able to send excess back to grid.

Therefore calculate the battery capacity needed for your home.

Battery capacity equals the amount of energy generated, minus the energy needed to run the household at any point within 24 hours.

Solar Battery Backup 5kw Lithium ion

If you require assistance with questions of design and suitability, relating to any of our Solar PV Systems website products or kits. Then we can help you.
We need to know what your objective/intention is, only then can we assist.

As an example, Solar PV Systems offer many different variations in kits to match the needs of our customers.
Depending on your energy needs we can advise the best possible match.
If you wanted batteries, then we would be able to assist by offering storage battery backup to match the power needs.
Our kits can be tailored to provide equipment with or without solar panels.

• Please advise if you intend to mount the equipment on the roof. If so, what type of roof do you have
• Please advise size of roof
• Ground mounted fixing options are available
• Do you have single phase 230v power or 3 phase

Do you want to feed excess power generated back to the grid.

Alternatively we offer individual battery options, 3.5kwh, 5.12kwh, 5.32kwh, 6.5kwh or multiples of same size

Based upon the information received, we can offer you a quotation subject to availability.

If the question requires us to assist you in other calculations outside of our standard ranges to match your requirements, then we reserve the right to charge for our time accordingly.

On behalf of Solar PV Systems.
Please advise to allow us to assist.

Our hybrid solar PV inverter options are based on our 3.86kw power (4kw nominal).

They allow for 4kw of PV to be generated, c/w 2 x MPPT inputs. 

The inverters are available in 3 options. All can be used in conjunction with new or existing solar PV system installations. 

  • The Huawei hybrid inverter, stores energy generated from solar PV in HV battery for efficient transfer of power.
  • The Growatt hybrid inverter offers storage in 48v with larger 6.5kwh battery capacity.
  • All battery packs can be expanded as needed. 

Delivery would usually be 3-5 working days from ordering equipment. 

Should our customers have a system where they want to continue utilizing an older existing string connected grid tie inverter.

Then the Sunsynk hybrid will allow for this combination.

When using a Sunsynk hybrid inverter it can be utilized in conjunction, as an AC connected charge controller along side an existing PV system or used independently as a hybrid replacement or stand-alone product.

Hybrid inverters can be found using the Home Solar Kits (Battery Backup) section of our website.

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