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Solar Consultancy

If you require assistance with questions of design and suitability, relating to any of our Solar PV Systems website products. Then we can help you.

We need to know what you intend to procure. Plus what your intention is, only then can we assist.

As an example, we offer many different variations in kits to match the needs of our customers.

Depending on your energy needs we can advise the best possible match.

If you wanted batteries, then we would be able to assist by offering storage battery backup.

Our kits can be tailored to provide equipment with or without solar panels.

• Please advise if you intend to mount the equipment on the roof. If so, what type of roof do you have.

• Please advise size of roof.

• Ground mounted fixing options are available.

• Do you have single phase 230v power or 3 phase.

• Do you want to feed excess back to the grid.

• Individual battery options available, 3.5kwh, 5.12kwh, 5.32kwh, 6.5kwh or multiples of same size.

• Based upon the information received, we will offer you a quotation subject to availability.

If the question requires us to assist you in calculations outside of our standard ranges to match your requirements, then we reserve the right to charge for our time accordingly.

On behalf of Solar PV Systems.

Please advise to allow us to assist.

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