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Pylon replacement 48v lithium battery packPylon 3.5kwh battery pack (48v)£2,175.00£1,812.64
Sunsynk LV lithium batterySunsynk 5.12kwh battery pack (48v)£2,780.00£2,316.85
Sunsynk LV lithium batterySunsynk 5.32kwh battery pack (48v)£2,836.00£2,362.52
Sunsynk inverter and battery pack4kw Hybrid inverter c/w 5.12kwh battery LV (IP65)£4,497.00£3,597.62
Sunsynk inverter + pylon battery4kw Hybrid inverter c/w 3.5kwh battery LV (IP20)£3,892.00£3,114.10
Sunsynk inverter and battery pack4kw Hybrid inverter c/w 5.32kwh battery pack (IP20)£4,552.53£3,642.03
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When you are considering home solar storage kits as a PV system energy backup system. This can be connected direct to your existing 4kw solar panel installation. it is important to understand what you need to fulfill this task. Our company help customers to realize the most effective method of generating and storing your own excess electricity needs. Without having to send power back to the national grid. Please find details of how we can help within this page.

home storage and power

We offer several home management packages, which take care of all incoming and outgoing consumption needs.

You may be an installer starting off from scratch, with a completely new solar power system installation project. Maybe you already have a solar panel system installed, either way we are here to help you with your power-output home battery bank storage needs. The solar PV systems home energy generation system, is available using individual parts or in product bundles. We can provide the home bundle which offers the 3.6kw, hybrid inverter (7,000w capacity), plus extra 5kwh battery pack size for new or replacement installations. Alternatively, an AC coupled inverter to fit alongside your existing system, basically an add on high efficiency energy storage. Tailored around your needs this is available with all connections needed from national grid.
Depending on your grid system requirements, we have a range of the latest inverters, lithium batteries and electronic controls needed to put together your very own home storage and power needs. Let us know if we can assist you in your quest to reduce the needs of national grid and provide your own independent home energy generation needs.

You may require a complete ready to install solar PV panel home storage kit designed for new projects.

These kits include all materials required. Roof fixings including roof flashing kit | Solar panels | solar panel extension cables | Roof entry slate | DC switches | AC switches | Hybrid inverter | Lithium HV battery c/w bms cables and connectors. A complete one stop solution.