4kw grid connection kits


Guaranteed Safe Checkout

These kits contain all equipment required to connect 10 x 400w solar panels back to the household national grid system. Switches for AC and DC, 4mm cable, MC4 connectors male and female, PV fuse system. Labels for DNO approval. Note! Only qualified electrical engineers should connect to 230v AC power lines. If you require home battery  storage, then follow this LINK TO SOLAR BATTERY STORAGE OPTION

We offer 4kw solar PV system power kits, to match our customers needs. With everything needed to complete installation.

With every 4kw solar PV system kit we will offer this type of Grid inverter  for standard grid tie connection. If you required a battery backup or storage facility, then we would offer this style of Battery storage  inverter for home grid connection. Batteries can be seen through this link, should you want to store excess energy 2.5-10kwh  see details.

All equipment and listed 4kw solar system kits are sold on the understanding that the customer should perform specialist connections in line with the relevant code of practice for grid connected solar photovoltaic systems.