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Welcome to the home of quality photovoltaic systems. Our products are designed to reduce the cost of your electricity bills by harnessing the natural power of the sun. Our range of products can be used in a number of ways for businesses, homes, gardens, sheds, garages, motor homes, boats, trailers, mooring & marinas, allotments, hot tubs and swimming pools, golf clubs, schools, farms, equestrian, car parks and walkways etc. The photovoltaic process is simple.

• Photovoltaic panels capture the sun’s rays and transform the light into energy.

• This energy can then be stored as a solar battery OR be used to provide instant electricity for your home through the public grid connected solar system. Solar PV panels can be.

• Mounted on the top of a building to form a photovoltaic roof.

• Fitted to walls where the surface area covered is sufficient for the photovoltaic panels to capture the sunlight.

• Fixed in the ground as standalone PV solar panels, giving you the flexibility to choose where sunlight is converted into electricity. With photovoltaic technology, quality matters.

• Constructed units bespoke to cater for energy requirements for any application.

• Peace of mind with Solar PV Systems photovoltaic products, where the equipment supporting the PV solar panels prevents voltage drops and excess power surges.

• Great investment opportunity for your home and future energy supply all Solar PV Systems solar panels are built to last and carry a minimum life expectancy of 25 years.

• Simplicity our solar equipment can be used in any environment as the surfaces are self-cleaning – effortless to ensure your Solar PV Systems panels continue to be powered by sunlight.

• Complete packages all Solar PV Systems photovoltaic products have the government’s MCS approval for quality. All systems can be easily and safely connected to the public grid to provide electricity for your home or office.

•About us Solar PV Systems provide only high-quality photovoltaic systems, panels and PV kits. We know how important an effective and efficient design is to ensure PV panels are long-lasting and durable and above all safe.

• All our solar photovoltaic solar panels come with a minimum life expectancy of 25 years, making our products a great investment for your home and future energy supply. The equipment we use to support our solar PV products is manufactured to exacting standards and adds safety and reliability to the already-efficient solar panels, kits, etc.

NEW Services available from Solar PV Systems: Repairs and renewals tailored for any photovoltaic system. Damage caused by storms or poor installations. WE CAN HELP.

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