4kw battery storage kits


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We can provide a 10 panel 4kw nominal on roof complete system, with 5kwh battery storage kit for self consumption. which can be used for mains powered connection. These are for those customers who want to connect and utilize all of the available power linked to a storage battery.
Our 4000w solar panel kits are smaller and lighter than conventional solar panels and provide a greater efficiency of 19.8% within the complete panel circuit. This is much higher than equivalent sized products, as they utilize the latest technological advances to link the cell structure together.
Ideal for those who do not want to apply for the feed in tariff applications. They will outperform and provide a higher return on any investment made. If you require a larger system configuration, then please call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

If you want to know how many batteries for a 4kw solar system. The answer is simple, one of our 3.5kwh or 5kwh batteries will provide a suitable 4kw battery storage capacity for medium sized households.