Solar PV Cable

Solar PV Cable in 4mm and 6mm, these cable sizes are available in coiled lengths, or we can cut to order any lengths in multiple 1m increments. All of our Solar PV Cables are tested to withstand 1000v dc currents, available in red outer, or black outer double insulated 4mm, or 6mm, this is coiled in 100m. If required these can be delivered in 500 meter coils. All of our solar photovoltaic cable reels are sold using a volume discount structure. you will find that our prices have been set at a realistic price to enable you to purchase high quality photovoltaic cable. This is the safest option, and therefore should always be used when installing modules or a PV installation services.Solar Systems provide quality photovoltaic cables in individual lengths at wholesale volume prices.When buying a solar cable the most important thing is quality, without this right the way through, you may run the risk of having to replace cables in a couple of years. This may result in extra costs, so make sure you always buy from a guaranteed source. Purchase one of our quality solar cables, these can then be cut to ant length, or a complete 100 meter PV coiled length, you will have the knowledge of knowing that any component purchased has a full lifetime guarantee. Lapp Solar cable, and Huber & Schumer cables. These are among the best cables available anywhere in the World. We only provide the best.Let's work with your PV requirements. Keep solar cable voltage drops to a minimum.

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