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Solar panel fixing kits for any safe and secure installation.

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Showing all 18 results

Solar PV provide a wide range of fixing kits and mounting systems designed around photovoltaic solar panels.

Our kits have been designed around renewable energy systems that are placed onto a pantile solar roof, or concrete tile solar roof, then select this solar PV system fixing set. Marley tile solar roofs, slate tile pitched roofs.

Fixing kits for trapezoidal roof coverings, fixing kits for corrugated fabrics. Rafter solar fixing kits, timber-based supports to allow fixings a secure abutment.

Flat roof solar panel kit

We offer solar fixing kits for flat roofs, that are weighted down to avoid penetrating or countermining flat roof fabrics. A range of ground mounted solar panels supports to suit almost any application.

These kits are designed to work alongside other components that generate solar electricity by converting sunlight into electricity.

Solar panel fixing kit

A typical solar panel system consists of solar panels, roof fixing equipment, solar inverters, and now solar batteries. To enable the equipment to work efficiently and safely. We offer high quality K2 mounting systems for slate roofed properties.

Our slate fixing kits will contain all the necessary components needed to connect 400w nominally sized solar panels up to 1134mm width, safely and correctly.

The components are produced from stainless steel for roof fixing brackets and abutment screws. Aluminium rails in 3.3m lengths, stainless steel t bolts and nuts. With universal clamps to hold solar panels onto rails in black or silver anodized aluminium.

Solar panel ground mount kit

Once you are sure the solar panel ground mount kit quantities will work with your project. Our kits are measured in solar PV panel amounts. Therefore, just select the number of solar panels you want to affix in adjacent kit pages.

Every design should be considered to reflect the terrain and wind loadings are considered.

All of our solar PV fixing kits will perform their duties over a lifetime of equipment lasting 50 + years. Most of our customers work on the principle of buying once and buying the best. By carefully considering these factors, it is possible to select a system that meets one’s energy and roof space needs. With the ability to generate maximum energy savings for your home.