Solar photovoltaic slate kit

PV Panel slate roof fixing kits are available from us to suit any PV panel. We provide solar panel slate kits which have been designed to fit neatly, and are complete and ready for you to assemble. When placing an order please note that we will provide a standard module size of 35mm, 40mm, 46mm or 50mm wide Solar Modules. If you require different size module fixing brackets, we will have to be notified prior to any order being dispatched. This example is using photovoltaic solar modules, in portrait orientation.

Slate Roof Tile Solar Fixing Bracket
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Solar PV or photovoltaic slate kits have been designed around renewable energy systems that are placed onto a pitched roof.

These kits are designed to work alongside other components that generate solar electricity by converting sunlight into electricity.

A typical solar panel system consists of solar panels, roof fixing equipment, solar inverters, and now solar batteries. To enable the equipment to work efficiently and safely. We offer high quality K2 mounting systems for slate roofed properties.

Our slate fixing kits will contain:

Stainless steel slate brackets to suit the roof layout, Stainless steel fixing screws to match the number of brackets in kit. Aluminium solar panel rails @ 3.3m lengths, stainless steel T bolts and M10 nuts to hold the rails onto fixing brackets.  Aluminium solar rail connectors, plus rail end caps in black. Universal mid clamps and universal end clamps to match solar panels, in black anodised aluminium or silver finish. Most slate roofs need to have flashing to stop the updraft of water ingress into the roofs structure. We offer a slate bracket flashing set as standard to accompany all of our slate roof fixing kits.

All roofs should be measured to analyse the available space. Once this has been done, it is then possible to order from our website a kit that will affect the available roof space. Our solar photovoltaic slate fixing kits are sold in single or double rows of between 1 and 16 full size (400w nominal 1134mm) solar PV panel widths in portrait orientation.

The design of the racking system should consider the terrain, with angle of roof being measured. With our products the wind loadings are considered.

A good quality slate photovoltaic roof fixing system will stand you in good stead for the lifetime, with equipment lasting 50 + years. Most of our customers work on the principle of buying once and buying the best. By carefully considering these factors, it is possible to select a system that meets one’s energy and roof space needs. With the ability to generate maximum energy savings for your home.