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Solar PV Systems offer a complete range of solar street lighting kits for use where illumination is required for rural unlit areas across the UK. We provide a range of products designed to match latitude constraints, these are built to have variable options matched to those requirements. They range from the smaller entry type lighting kits @ 3w. Which are used for many locations where off-grid power is needed to illuminate cabins paths and remote signs. Also using the same technology through our high performance solar powered lighting for areas such as parks, walkways, Road lighting, Community Path lighting, Farm lighting, Wildlife lighting, Park lighting, Gate lighting, Un-adopted areas, Moorings & Marinas, Footpaths, Estates, banners, Car Park lighting.

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We offer our bespoke 6w, 8w, 10w, 12w, 15w and 24w LED solar street lighting systems powered by the suns energy. We also can provide a system that links up to existing electrical street light connections, this then can reduce the energy taken from the national grid to power those luminaries. These are all available in many variations to match the location needs. The bespoke range will allow the use of solar lighting to become a thing that in the future. Our lighting systems can be set to run from dusk until dawn segmented by either using PIR or timed control, illumination for any location and for any use. We now offer a vandal resistant solar lighting model that provides added security.

These can be driven by solar PV panels into either a lithium-ion or Pb battery type, designed around the desired needs of our customers. The LED lamp will illuminate to match individual requests. We endeavor to provide exactly what we determine the appropriate product.You should advise your location and outline an overview of the discipline the light is required to operate within. To then reflect the styles and designs we have provided this PDF, this will allow a visual concept of what the initial design influence would be. We can then modify or produce a product to provide the illumination required.