Car park LED lighting

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Solar car park lighting can be either a temporary or permanent fixture, depending on the need. To examine the opportunities we offer a free consultancy to understand the request.

Do you have an area that requires

Solar car park lighting

Solar car park lighting

Maybe you do not have mains power to the car park site. It may not be easy to connect mains power safely or economically. There could be many reasons for this. Establish this request, ask why it is considered that lighting is needed. This could be for safety with uneven ground, maybe an area that is very dark and away from other forms of illumination. In these cases security is paramount, WE CAN HELP.

You should consider sun powered solar car park lighting on a basis that it can always be moved or relocated at a future date. This offers you temporary or permanent solar car park lighting, that can be positioned onto existing columns or posts for use when required. These units are then easily assembled using mechanical tools. If you require a more permanent lighting deployment for illuminating your car parking areas, then we would offer a root planted column or post that would accept our sophisticated battery management systems for control and disciplines needed. The lamp posts are either in aluminum or galvanized steel for a 25 years corrosion resistant warranty.

Car park LED lighting | Solar powered systems

All sun powered solar car parking light controls and components meet with the IP requirements for extreme weather conditions in the UK. Materials are all coded to the relevant IP reference to safeguard those conditions. Batteries are in two formats, either AGM style sealed block deep cycle or lithium ion. The development of lithium battery technology has allowed us to be at the forefront with built in safeguards to protect beyond standard solar battery system needs.
So in the first instance to develop your request drop us a line with your thoughts. We can then take care of the rest.