Ground Mounted Systems 4kw


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Ground mounted systems 4kw

Solar PV ground fixed solar panel assembly package, but instead of on the roof, it is ground mounted.

Ready to accept your own approved solar panels. Along with a suitable grid inverter plus Solar cable & couplings, an above ground PV fixing kit, We also offer the solar PV isolation switches. and approved total FIT generation meter. This kit will include everything required to complete a ground mounted solar panel installation.

This is a high quality ground mounted solar panel structure.


This system is designed for 16 solar panels 8 above 8 in PORTRAIT orientation

  • 16 x solar PV panels being used (to be no greater in width than 1005mm width)
  • If panels are between 1005mm and 1060mm in width, then only 14 units can be fitted 7 above 7
  • For panels above 1060mm in width, then only 12 panels will afford the P rack system 6 above 6