MC4 male female cable

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MC4 Cable Leads30m length male female MC4 (single cable)£45.50
MC4 Cable Leads2m length male female MC4 (single cable)£9.50
MC4 Cable Leads3m length male female MC4 (single cable)£11.90
MC4 Cable Leads4m length male female MC4 (single cable)£14.25
MC4 Cable Leads5m length male female MC4 (single cable)£18.75
MC4 Cable Leads10m length male female MC4 (single cable)£28.75
MC4 Cable Leads20m length male female MC4 (single cable)£35.25
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Solar PV cable in 2m, 3m 4m and 5m lengths.

MC4 male female cable | Solar panel connections

Complete with male and female MC4 couplings either end. We offer this product in individual lengths to suit the PV application. Available in: black. MC4 male female cable solar panel extension adaptor leads are ready made connections.

MC4 male and female solar cable connections for PV panel assemblies, that require bespoke 2-5m lengths.

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