Off-Grid Battery Switch


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Safe battery isolation switches

300A and 600A continuous rating system

DC Battery Isolation switches

These are ideal for small renewable battery systems that have a high current draw on the battery bank. The connection within the switches are matched to M10 ringed cable ends.

Designed for outdoor IP 64 uses, this PV Isolation switch is a must to safely turnoff battery sources. When emergency stop or when maintenance purposes require isolation. Can be used for all low voltage PV circuits within the range.

The design of these switches allows for many options for mounting. This is surface, front or panel mounted to match requirements

Battery Isolation Switches

Type DC Isolating switch’s are designed to turn power off. Prevents the DC battery supply for PV systems shorting out under load.

These type of switch’s, can prevent the risk of DC electrical shock.

Suitable for all off-grid PV installations.

Battery Isolation switch 300A
Colour Red
Cranking Rating: 10 sec 2000 AMPS
Intermittent Rating 5 min 600 AMPS
Continuous Rating 350 AMPS
Maximum Voltage Operating 48 V DC
Terminal Stud Size M10
Mounting Holes M6 screws
IP 66

We can also offer a range of battery cables to link up the system components in a well managed package.

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