Prestige solar lighting


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Solar PV systems are offering DBS160 & DBS170 prestige battery powered street, car park or recreational area lighting systems. These

One piece prestige solar PV powered lighting systems

can provide that much needed illumination in remote areas where mains power is not available. Such as play areas, allotments, paths, car parks, private drives or roads and cycle paths. The possibilities are endless. Use the suns energy as a source of power to light up our nights.

Understanding your needs is what we strive towards. You need a product to perform tasks outside the scope of our standard prestige lighting system. In this aspect we would provide a bespoke design tailored to meet with your requirement. Therefore once we have the project scope, it is then possible to provide storage with the ability to match those needs.

Prestige solar lighting | Car parks | Recreational area uses

It is our ability to store energy efficiently, harvested during the day and delivered for uses later after dark, which makes us a leader in this technology. This higher end facility will provide you with the tools needed to switch the length of operational lighting needs, during summer and winter segments. This DBS160/70 system is ideal for open play areas, allotments, parks or for parking areas close to residential properties etc. Solar PV systems offer our prestige lithium ion lighting, which has been designed for remote off the grid car parks and other recreational uses.

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