PV grid connected solar kit 4kw


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4kw nominal grid connection package for remote locations, this AC solar backup kit is complete with panel installation kit, will enable the user to run via a high performance battery store, the ability to power household equipment when away from normal mains power connections via National grid.

including 10 x 400w nominal solar panels, 10.5kwh battery backup Victron 48/3000 Easysolar inverter, roof or ground fixing kit, isolation switches, solar cables, MC4 clips. All materials required to provide 4kw installation.

This Photovoltaic kit will enable you to use the electrical energy free from the Sun direct to your remote application.

4kW Solar PV installation kit is complete and ready to install for dedicated electrical engineers. All of our solar kits are packaged to order. These can be for slate, Marley, pan tile, rafter of metal box covering roofs or can be set out on the ground to match localized conditions..

If you require any other fixings please advise.

The price shown is for a standard kit, with all other necessary material parts for a battery storage system. This PV grid connected solar kit is 4kw nominal power with 10.5kwh storage as standard.

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