Slate solar Kit 8 panel


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Panel Solar PV Roof Fixings.

Photovoltaic Panel roof Anchor kits have been manufactured to provide a method of attaching solar eight PV panels onto slate tiled roofs.

Can be used for mounting solar modules in horizontal and vertical orientations when using our universal PV support rails.

Each kit will include brackets specifically manufactured for the slate roof tiles. Includes all necessary fixings to complete a standard PV slate roof fixing project.

Solar PV module fixing kit, 2 solar panel assembly.

With every one of these photovoltaic slate roof-fixing kits, it will include every part required.

The PV Systems web site will supply a complete PV slate fixing kit will suit any standard Solar modules in portrait or landscape.

This example is using 8 photovoltaic solar modules, portrait in one row.

Please select the module mid and end clamp sizes to match your modules of 30mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 43mm. Available in black or silver