Slim line solar area light


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New DBS slim line solar area light heads are designed to be affixed where lighting is needed most. These are ultra lightweight and provide that much needed illumination after dark, to areas without mains power supplies. Like stables, cabins allotments and lots of other useful locations. Just connect a solar panel and you are away.

Slim line solar light

Slim line solar light

These luminaries have a large Lithium battery enclosed inside and are complete ready to work at any location. The slim lighting luminaries, are without the need of main power supplies, but will require an additional suitably sized solar panel.

Slim line solar light heads

are mounted exactly where you need light, with LED’s pointing towards required direction. Therefore they can be pin pointed to direct solar powered LED’s towards a path, or allotment etc. With these lights they will never require maintenance, so once they have been suitably fixed in place the units are ready to illuminate almost any area.

They work on a PIR microwave system which can detect pedestrians and cars alike, turning power module from 30% brightness to 100% when triggered within 10m circumference. This will allow the light to operate on full power for 1 minute or until reactivated once more.

Slim line solar area light | Stables | Cabins | Parking | Allotments

Contact us for any information regarding the slim line solar light for cabins, parking, allotments. Allow security light for many sensitive areas around cabins, allotments and much more uses. We provide the knowledge and skills needed to provide the correct equipment, so contact us with any inquiries relating to other solar powered lights.