Solar mini rail system

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Mini rail angle setMini rail front and rear one side£60.00
Mini rail angle setMini rail front and rear angle set for one panel£118.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems6 panels (1 row kit)£250.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems5 panels (1 row kit)£215.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems8 panels (1 row kit)£375.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems10 panels (1 row kit)£450.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems9 panels (1 row kit)£415.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems4 panels (1 row kit)£180.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems2 panels (1 row kit)£110.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems3 panels (1 row kit)£145.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems1 panel (1 row kit)£85.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems7 panels (1 row kit)£335.00
Total : £0.00

Solar PV mini rail kits designed for easy assembly on trapezoidal roofs

Mini rail kits

Mini rail kits

These mini rail kits are simple and easy to handle. Up to 50kw kits can be packed into the back of a car quite easily, for transportation to site without the need of a large truck. Quick and safe to fit to box profile metallic roofs, for fast easy solar installations.

Other items you may need are:

Mini rail angle sets, are used when roof angle is below 10°


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