Solar mini rail system

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Mini rail angle setMini rail front and rear one side£60.00£54.00
Mini rail angle setMini rail front and rear angle set for one panel£118.00£106.20
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems6 panels (1 row kit)£250.00£225.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems5 panels (1 row kit)£215.00£193.50
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems8 panels (1 row kit)£375.00£337.50
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems10 panels (1 row kit)£450.00£405.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems9 panels (1 row kit)£415.00£373.50
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems4 panels (1 row kit)£180.00£162.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems2 panels (1 row kit)£110.00£99.00
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems3 panels (1 row kit)£145.00£130.50
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems1 panel (1 row kit)£85.00£76.50
Minirail MC Set - K2 Systems7 panels (1 row kit)£335.00£301.50
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Solar PV mini rail kits designed for

Metal roof PV panel installation kit

. These kits are simple and easy to handle. Up to 50kw kits can be packed into the back of a car quite easily, for transportation to site without the need of a large truck. Quick and safe to fit to box profile metallic roofs, for fast easy solar installations.

Other items you may need are:

Mini rail angle sets, see menu below.