Solar PV fixing end clamp

From: £3.85 (exc. Vat)

If the standard end clamps are out of stock, then we will offer the universal 30-43mm end clamps

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ItemProductPriceTrade PriceQuantity
K2 Universal black end clamps30-43mm universal BLACK end clamps£3.85£3.46
K2 black solar panel end clamps32-33mm BLACK panel fixing end clamps£3.90£3.51
Solar End Clamp - K2 Systems32-33mm Silver end clamps£3.90£3.51
K2 universal end clamp silver30-43mm universal silver end clamps£3.85£3.46
Solar End Clamp - K2 Systems34-36mm Silver panel fixing end clamps£3.90£3.51
Total : £0.00

Solar panel ends fixing clamps are manufactured to attach modules like REC, Sharp, Panasonic etc. These pv panels can then be safely and securely attached onto our K2 universal rail mounting frame system.

The end fixing can clamp modules firmly on the roof and ground in place.

Click on the end clamp tabs to view the various sizes in black anodized or silver finish solar panel prices.