Solar Speed Rail Kit

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Solar speed rail kits1. Speed kit one row (1 x panel)£80.00
Solar speed rail kits2. Speed kit one row (2 x panels)£225.00
Solar speed rail kits3. Speed kit one row (3 x panels)£265.00
Solar speed rail kits4. Speed kit one row (4 x panels)£295.00
Solar speed rail kits5. Speed kit one row (5 x panels)£366.00
Solar speed rail kits6. Speed kit one row (6 x panels)£441.00
Solar speed rail kits7. Speed kit one row (7 x panels)£512.00
Solar speed rail kits8. Speed kit one row (8 x panels)£588.00
Solar speed rail kits9. Speed kit one row (9 x panels)£658.00
Solar speed rail kits10. Speed kit one row (10 x panels)£724.00
Solar speed rail kits11. Speed kit one row (11 x panels)£794.00
Solar speed rail kits12. Speed kit one row (12 x panels)£870.00
Total : £0.00

Use this solar speed rail on roof quick assembly kit for metallic type trapezoidal roofs. We can offer these kits complete to match any box section covering. Kits from 1 PV panel through to 16 PV panel speed rail kits.

Fitted using speed clamps with stainless steel self tapping screws to hold the 2.25m length rails. These are then held in place using the speed rail lock set. If more than one rail are used in length, then they are clamped together using the speed rail joiners. Once the top and bottom rails are securely attached, then we offer module clamps to hold the PV panels in place. These are for 30-43mm section PV panels.

These speed fit kits are based upon customers using standard sized solar PV panels.

The overall size of fixing system is dependent on PV panel sizes. Our kits use 2.5m rails which should accept 2 number standard module sizes in portrait. If you want to use extra large panels then you may require additional rails and fittings.

Solar modules in a portrait orientation onto a corrugated roof.


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