Solar Off Grid PV Package

Solar Off Grid PV Package

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Our Solar off grid Package includes everything required to complete an automatic 12v battery charging solar panel installation providing 230VAC. This will allow each kit to utilize power from natural renewable sources like the Sun, keep batteries topped up with power. Solar panels offer the security of providing power through natural sources to energize our leisure battery systems for remote locations away from home. Kits provide power back to 12v solar battery for stand-alone charging and power @ 230VAC outlet.

This will include: Solar panel 65-70w, 130-140w and 1500w kits that come complete with the ground mounting, to secure the correct angle pointing towards the suns elevation. A suitable 12v or 24v deep cycle battery system which will provide power out when required. This is housed in a high quality battery box with built in energy meter, on off switch and tails to correctly connect the solar battery. The box will protect equipment from rain and wind keeping safe from potential hazards. Connected to this you will receive our chosen high quality solar power regulation units. These are designed to correspond with the relevant solar gain values. Adopting an overview of correction if any over voltage is present, consequently switching off the system prior to any damage occurring, High voltage 130-350w inverters are designed to perform within the scope of the smaller PV systems. With the larger 1600Va inverter within the larger units.

We also provide bespoke Solar off grid PV package renewable energy systems designed to offer a complete solution. Please take a look to view the different size kits we offer all the way up to 10kw of stored energy. Please advice details of your needs..

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