Solar PV batteries

We provide a wide range of solar PV batteries these are suitable for all solar systems. Designed and manufactured to hold the energy harnessed by any typical day’s irradiance. These high performance battery packs in AGM, gel,lead acid and lithium ion, provide the power holding medium when needed from a solar panel installation.

These storage units will hold energy until required. Deep Cycle Battery Information. BATTERY CYCLE LIFE

If you are looking for a complete household storage system, which is ready to connect to the solar panels with stored excess power for uses later in the day. Maybe you just want to deliver power to a cabin or off the grid location. We can help by providing solar batteries in standard 12v non woven technology, Lucas cyclic AGM batteries which can be held within our battery boxes for weatherproof protection. The AGM or gel batteries are a very popular option when storing solar energy. We can provide the top of the range LITHIUM ION BATTERIES, offering high volume power holding capacity for deep performance. These are available in many different sizes from 2v, 6v, 12v or 24v sizes to match any specification. When space and weight constraints are important we would suggest the lightweight LiFeP04 style. Sizes are available to match individual requirements.

Battery connection cables for connecting batteries to inverter or more than one battery in series or parallel connections. It is important to utilise the correct size cables to correspond with the battery Amps. Failure to adhere to this could create overloading. Make sure you always use the correct fused links to protect any battery circuit. These are offered within the scope of cable section of this site. It is important to size the fuse relevant to the need. We also offer a range of battery isolation switches to safely turn off power under load conditions if required these are available within the cable section. Solar batteries the efficient storage solutions medium.

We are here to provide help and assistance for any solar PV battery storage system choice. Please ask for details, or contact us using this link.