Solar PV cables

Solar cables are important for any installation to stop voltage drop, insist on top quality double insulated single core available in 4mm and 6mm. We can help any installation be providing solar cable crimp tools for instant on site joints or pre-prepared cables manufactured to your specification. Solar power cables switches and clips provide the safety needed when working on DC power trains. PV cables can be delivered in 100m coils or lengths from 1m up to 25m. We provide Sunclix connectors for SMA and other similar inverter connection points to and from the solar array.

We offer tariff meters in 230v and 3 phase sizes to allow payments. MC4 male and female cable clips enable the customer to make specific sized lengths on site. We have tool sets for the discerning engineer who wants to manufacture his own cables. Self adhesive labels to alert anyone to solar power being generated. Switches for AC and DC isolation or quick shut down for maintenance purposes.

Roof entry slates protect and maintain water tight effectiveness of the structure. MC3 to MC4 cable adaption for any isolation that may need to be connected in MC4. Remember if you cut the ends off of solar panels you may nullify any warranty with that manufacturer. We provide adapters to help protect any warranty.

If you require a specific part or have a question regarding any of our solar PV systems parts, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. By email we can answer you within 24 hours.


Cables & switches to match any situation and demand.

Ready made MC4 cables, which can be connected to solar DC switches for safe isolation from solar PV panels. AC  switches are used when isolation between mains connection equipment parts. Our 4mm and 6mm Solar cables  solar cables can be cut to match any lengths required or we can provide full 100 meter coils  Connectors for any solar cable should be 100% water resistant to stop short circuit issues, we offer male and female in MC4  standards. You may wish to make your own cables to suit, in that case we provide high quality solar tools  and to comliment any installation solar power warning labels