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Solar PV Fixing Rail

Solar PV Fixing Rail


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Solar panel roof fixing rail, to enable Solar PV equipment a secure platform for solar roofs.

These ultra light rails will hold securely most types of PV module solar panels, using appropriate mid and end clamps. A universal frame system. The fixing can be joined together to continue the frame length. This will enable any amount of PV modules to be fitted in parallel lines. The complete roof mounting system, can be easily transported to a site, and then assembled on site quickly and efficiently. Solar PV fixing rail used to secure PV panels.

Available in lengths that will carry 3 number standard width solar panels

Please select module clamps to suit solar PV panel sizes

Solar Rail in 3.3m length

Rails are currently sent out only on Tuesdays and Thursdays

These two items are needed to secure your choice of roof brackets onto rails.