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Solar PV Isolation Switch

Solar PV Isolation Switch


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All Solar installations require a safe method of disconnection. When disconnecting any solar panel, it is important to offer the safe method of isolation when

Safely isolating DC power

. With our 4 pole single string 25A DC switches. Manufactured to resist the large electrical arc DC solar circuits create. The objective of a PV Isolation switch is to work by safely isolating the solar panel voltages within PV circuits. Without this type of DC switch, there is a real time risk of harmful electrical shock. Suitable for PV installations

Solar PV Isolation Switch | Protects DC current

Type DC Isolating switch's are necessary to turn power off PV solar array systems under load @ 450-650v DC. Solar PV isolation switch protection against DC current spikes

The DC Isolation switch protects the current from solar PV cable installations, switches are available in 25A load sizes.

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