Solar PV Panels

Photo-voltaic solar panels for home grid connection and off-grid power.

When selecting any solar PV panel it is important to match the scope of the product to the overall requirement of the system. These PV panels are manufactured in mono crystalline and poly crystalline options, making them suitable for many applications. These solar PV components are the most recognizable part of any solar connected system and as such should be selected along the following guide lines. The budget is always the governing factor, but provided that you understand this could have dramatic affects relatively quickly if the product purchased is not of the best quality. We supply genuine solar PV panel systems; we know that these are manufactured to the highest quality out of tier one materials. This includes the individual solar cell structure that produces the maximum energy from a given area of sun light. The lamination process which bonds the cells onto the glass is done in such a way that the performance can be guaranteed for longer periods of time ensuring that the productivity of the solar PV system never fails throughout its life. The frame work required to carry the glass in a structured and suitable manor has to be suitable of withstanding snow loading and strong disproportional winds and forces for many solar photo-voltaic grid connection and off-grid installations projects.

Using genuine solar PV Renewable Energy Panels provide a guaranteed quality. Photo voltaic PV products are priced to provide an honest structure, based on quantities required. Please check our latest prices. We hope to meet with expectations using manufacturer’s products that include the Sharp.

The latest range solar home panels and 12v off grid power is delivered with full manufacturers guarantee’s enabling assured true quality giving at least 25 year of longevity and performance.


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