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Solar PV Panels

Photo-voltaic solar panels for home grid connection installations and off-grid PV battery power generation.

When you select a panel for an application, it is important to match the scope of the product to the overall requirement of the systems makeup. Solar PV panels are manufactured in mono crystalline and poly crystalline options, making them suitable for any location. Those often large components are the most recognizable part of a solar connected PV household systems, when consideration of any installations.

People select their purchase along the following guide lines. Do they like the look of the product, remember that looks can be very deceiving, and not always offer the best results. The old expression of never reading a book by its cover may help you understand. Black or silver anodized frames; are purely cosmetic and bare no relevance to the installations performance of the solar panel. It should be noted that the construction of the framework could determine if the panels are going to have a long life along with the quality of materials used. Which glass is used to provide the secure foundation to place the most important part of any product neatly securely and effectively providing the most efficient method of lacing the photo voltaic cells together. Those cells are manufactured in various options, but the customer should always consider the performance output of a cell, as this provides the customers installations with optimum overall performance. Grade A being the best performing product, but as with all things the monetary budget may be a governing factor when making your solar PV panel purchase. So provided that you understand these mechanical aspect will affect the budget restraints you are prepared to make relatively quickly.

We supply genuine solar PV panel systems; these are manufactured to the highest quality out of tier one materials. This includes the individual solar cell structure that produces the maximum energy, measured against a given square meter area of sun light. The lamination process which bonds the cells onto the glass is done in such a way that the performance can be guaranteed for longer periods of time ensuring that the productivity of the solar PV system never fails throughout its life. The frame work required to carry the glass in a structured and suitable manor has to be able to withstand snow loadings and strong disproportional winds and forces for many solar photo-voltaic grid connection and off-grid installations where projects are measured by performance.

Using reputable panels, it is possible to provide a guaranteed quality. Photo-voltaic PV products are priced to provide an honest tiered performance. We hope to meet with our customers’ expectations using manufacturer’s products that include. The latest range full size home panels in poly, mono cell structures. 12v solar battery charging options for off the grid power that will deliver to the full, under the PV panel manufacturers guarantee’s enabling assured true quality giving at least 25 year of longevity and performance.

Solar panels are available in small compact and full size, to provide power for connection to national grid installations using the appropriate electronic connection systems. They can be used for off-grid applications uses across the world. These are available to create a safe clean and efficient method of generating energy. If you have questions then please contact us using this link

If battery storage equipment for household surplus energy is required then please follow this link

You may require a home energy inverter which allows the power from either new or existing solar panel installations to be fed into the storage battery

When using a solar panel, these need to be secured using either a fixing kit or individual fixing parts

If an offer grid system needs a 12v battery or charge control equipment, off-grid inverters or complete systems that manage the overall needs. Then follow the links.

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Small solar panels

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Full size solar panels

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