Lithium ion phosphate

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Victron super pack lithium battery~ 50Ah-25,6/50£1,100.00
Victron super pack lithium battery60Ah-12,8/60£490.00
Victron super pack lithium battery100Ah-12,8/100£790.00
Victron super pack lithium battery200Ah-12,8/200£1,690.00
Victron super pack lithium battery20Ah-12,8/20£260.00
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Small ready to use lithium ion phosphate battery super packs in sizes 12v @ 20Ah. The LifePO4 lithium battery is designed to last for many years in some of the most rigorous conditions they are geared up to last.

Lithium ion phosphate Super Pack rechargeable long life deep cycle battery

system providing the same depth of storage capacity, but within a smaller lighter box.

Victron Super pack lithium batteries data sheet