PV Grid Connected Solar kit

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Solar PV Grid Package800w solar kit (2 panel)£1,564.00
Solar PV Grid Package1200w solar kit (3 panel)£1,750.00
Solar PV Grid Package1600w solar kit (4 panel)£1,950.00
Solar PV Grid Package2000w solar kit (5 panel)£2,124.00
Solar PV Grid Package2400w solar kit (6 panel)£2,412.00
Solar PV Grid Package2800w solar kit (7 panel)£2,754.00
Solar PV Grid Package3200w solar kit (8 panel)£2,970.00
Solar PV Grid Package3600w solar kit (9 panel)£3,239.00
Solar PV Grid Package4000w solar kit (10 panel)£3,480.00
Solar PV Grid Package4800w solar kit (12 panel)£4,027.00
Solar PV Grid Package5600w solar kit (14 panel)£4,647.00
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This PV grid connected solar kit package, is complete with solar panel installation kit, including 400w solar panels, grid tie inverter, roof fixing kit, isolation switches, solar cables, MC4 clips, generation meter and one set of PV warning labels. This Photovoltaic kit will enable you to use the electrical energy free from the Sun direct to your house. The on roof solar PV installation kit is complete ready for commission to the grid for the , generating free electricity each year. All of our solar kits are assembled to order to fit PV onto any roof. In the details above roof fittings are for a standard fixing kit. If you require any other fixing brackets please advise.

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