Pylon solar storage battery

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Pylon replacement 48v lithium battery packUS2000 lithium batteries 2.4kwh capacity @ 48v£1,150.00
Pylon replacement 48v lithium battery packUS3000 lithium batteries 3.5kwh capacity @ 48v£1,445.00
Pylon replacement 48v lithium battery packUS5000 lithium batteries 4.8kwh capacity @ 48v£1,910.00
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When using this Pylon solar storage battery, it is possible to hold the energy generated from solar PV panels until needed. You can use this for domestic home solar storage or off-grid battery storage applications, using the correct charge controller.

These Pylon solar storage batteries are available in 48v units in the following sizes: 2.4kwh (US2000), 3.5kwh (US3000), or 4.8kwh (US5000) sizes.

By using the interconnection cables with Plyon solar storage battery boxes, it is possible to link multiple pylon solar battery or pylon lithium batteries in parallel to increase the storage capacities.


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