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Victron lead carbon battery12v Lead carbon battery @ 160Ah£520.00
Victron lead carbon battery12v Lead carbon battery @ 106Ah£345.00
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This new range of lead Carbon Solar batteries are designed with the latest active materials, allowing the negative plate to be charged and reduce sulfation and therefore increases the relative negative plate charging capacity.

This solar battery is for uses with off grid solar panels associated systems.

Type: Voltage @ 12v

Battery capacity sizes available: 106Ah & 160Ah

Small ready to use 12v lead carbon batteries, are designed to last for many years in some of the most rigorous conditions they are geared up to last.

  • 1400 cycles @ 40% DoD
  • 1000 cycles @ 60% DoD
  • 500 cycles @ 100% DoD

These batteries are for all UPS standby and are suitable for DIY and professional PV solar panel system installations. The batteries have a non woven technology, commonly known as AGM cyclic batteries. In industry this type of non woven battery has at least a 10 year ++ service life. This is designed as a minimal self-discharge battery which will last much longer than the energy stored in traditional lead acid batteries. These PV batteries offer a high load capacity and extreme performance.